26. и 27. априла 2016. године извели смо представу Shakespeare Forever, којом смо обележили 400 година од смрти Виљема Шекспира. Камерном сценом Пете продефиловао је ансамбл од преко четрдесет ученика који су говорили оригиналне текстове овог великог драмског писца. Изведени су делови његових чувених комада, Сна летње ноћи, Макбета, Ромеа и Јулије, Млетачког трговца... Наши ученици су рецитовали сонете, певали, плесали, свирали. Представа је наишла на велико одобравање публике, а планирана су и додатна извођења. Професори енглеског језика Борка Поповић, Александра Маравић и Сања Соларевић су заслужни за режију ове ђачке представе, у чему су им несебично помогли Ђорђе Шуменковић (некадашњи ученик) и Зоран Ракић, који води Тетар 5. 

Обележавање 400 година од смрти Виљема Шекспира употпуњено је изложбом посвећеном овом великом уметнику у холу Школе.


9. јуна 2015. године, у нашој школи је одиграна позоришна представа на енглеском језику под називом "Would You Let Your Health Become a Victim of the Pressures Life Brings?". Идеја је потекла од професорке енглеског језика Александре Маравић. Представа је наишла на велико одобравање присутних професора и ученика, а извођачи су изразили задовољство што им је пружена прилика да се изразе на овако креативан начин.



Have you ever asked yourself what life is? What is this thing we are living, which we are suddenly and uncounsciously put in? Put to fight day by day, to fall and stand, to love and suffer – put in to survive. There are a billions of people on this planet, and yet you’ve been given a shape of one, and a chance to live among them for an instant – so have you ever wondered what distinguishes you from the other people? What is so special about you that others don’t have? I will tell you what – your dreams.

But what are those mysterious little things actually – these imaginary clouds that are swirling inside your head? Are they a still unsung song that your soul is trying to sing to you, or still empty pages of an untold story filled with endless lines of invisible words that your soul is trying to tell you? Are they wishes your heart makes and gleaming colors on your life’s canvas?

I think that dream is a breath of life. Dreams are like an air to our souls, they are food and water that keeps our souls alive. They are the magical bond that connects us with this upper, enigmatic world in which we dwelled previously. Dream is a tiny part of abstraction of the upper world put into concreteness of this lower world to live for a little while. They are like shining stars lighting our path and leading us to our goals in the darkness of a conventional, mundane life.

Every child is a treasury of dreams, it looks up to the sky, chasing those, at the first sight, invisible stars, but as it is growing up, it starts withdrawing itself from those infinite heights, descending its head to the safe, concrete ground. Most people let the child that once dwelled in them die, but still, there are those people whose child is not trapped in that conventional abyss of the society, but is still flying through that magical world of ideas and possibilities – and those people are called dreamers. Oscar Wilde once said that dreamer is the one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

I am a dreamer, and while others look at things and ask ‘’Why?’’, I dream about things that have still never happened and ask – why not?

I am a dreamer, and I never really wake up – I only stop dreaming with eyes closed and start dreaming with eyes wide open.

I am a dreamer and I listen carefully to the song of my soul and enjoy in the colorful canvas of my life, enjoying in that unpredictability of new colors that will be put on that canvas.

I am a dreamer, and I believe. I believe that life is beautiful, I believe in better days, in better future.

I am a dreamer, and I don’t dream my life – I live my dreams!

Anja Mrkobrаda 3/7